cropped-logo-conjunto24.pngBarullo is a galician word from Portuguese that means confusion, disorder, mixed people or things of various kinds. We try to achieve that in our world of  volts and waveforms.

We strive to offer functionality and versatility into clean and immediate interfaces.

Our pedals, eurorack modules or any other noise machines are made in Galicia, Spain.

Now we are Barullo, but before…we were Jose Fino (Communication engineer and guitar player) and Alvaro Gallego (Bassist and sound/electronics technician), during years Jose worked in Unmanned Surface Vehicles and industrial automation, and Alvaro building, repairing  and installing recording studios for Newell Acoustics and Reflexion Arts.

We used to make noname strange machines that led us to Barullo, and  now we have a problem.DSC08977

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