Alude Fuzz

After some batches of prototyping and tone tuning, here is the pedal where it all begins, yes, is another fuzz!! yes is also based in the russian mig buff, but this one will not destroy your mids and low end, and with 3 clipping options and the small footprint with top mount jacks is your... Continue Reading →

Cat Distortion

Here's the Cat distortion, and this cat could devour your rat. So if you like rodent pedals but need a better control over gain and a real eq, not just a filter pot, this is your pedal. It's based on the classic LM308 chip followed by a James tonestack that lets you control both ends... Continue Reading →

Guillotina Tremolo

The Guillotina pedal, is a tremolo effect based on an old circuit, the “repeat percussion”, that you could find as a small gadget, pedal or even embedded in some Valco and Vox guitars and amplifiers. It's basically a sawtooth oscillator controlling a transistor amplifier that I have tweaked to provide with lower noise floor and... Continue Reading →

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