8HP 30mm

Ciobra is a voltage controlled sound processor featuring a distortion and an EQ with a feedback path that allows you to sculp and create new tones, from soft lo-fi vibes or destroyed madness to self oscillation.

It’s the right tool to break up your signal and add harmonics to your bass, push your drums over the limit, feedback thru your favorite fx to create a new layer or just control how that sound sits better on the mix with the built in VCA and EQ.


  • 2 band shelving EQ.
  • Integrated VCA on the input.
  • The PRE/POST switch allows you to attenuate the dry signal in POST position.
  • Feedback path with send attenuation.
  • Extra attenution control on the feedback return via a trimmer on pcb.
  • 2 channel mixer stage to blend between dry and distorted signals.
  • 2 drive positions.
  • LED indication lets you know what’s happening in the distortion path.

CV for everything

  • Attenuated CV control over Gain and Feedback.
  • Offset CV control over Blend, Low and High.


  • Overall gain: +48dB
  • Fully analog, circuit based on OpAmps and OTA circuits.
  • Audio input impedance: 50KΩ
    Feedback input impedance: 50KΩ
  • Low shelf cutoff frecuency: 80Hz
  • High shelf cutoff frecuency: 1KHz